The Benefits of Massage

It would be easy to make this section quite long. There are whole books – indeed bookstore sections – about massage and its benefits. Any of those will help you find such generalities. That sort of information is even easier to find with a quick Google search.

There would be no point in me telling you what I think because anything I say in here would be perceived to be tainted with self-servitude. Of course I’ll tell you massage is beneficial. I’m a massage therapist. I could wax poetic about the physical and mental benefits of Swedish massage – the reduced muscle tension, the relaxation, the improved circulation… but even if you’ve had only one in your life, you already know.

But what makes THIS massage therapist any different to others? What I SAY about myself isn’t important. What I do IS. Talk is cheap. And what I do is not best told by ME, which would be self-aggrandizing, but rather by those who’ve EXPERIENCED what I do. Here are their stories..


“Massage is not just a luxury. It’s a way of a healthier, happier life.”

– Steve Campbell