The Full Hour Swedish Massage

I won’t skimp on your time. An hour means an hour on the table of muscular treatment for the full body OR customized to specific requested areas.

Your massage can be my way or your way. I’ve been doing massage for over 20 years, and I can proceed with standard Swedish massage treatment for you OR, if you have specific needs, just let me know.

Full body Swedish? No problem.

Just do my feet, please? I can take care of that.

Better still, just tell me what ails you. Let me know if you’ve got a stiff neck and sore shoulders. Tell me if your lower back hurts.

If one hour isn’t enough for you, there’s no need to keep it that short. It can be 1.5 hours, 2 hours, or longer if you like.

Also, any massage I do for you is HIGHLY customizable.

Depending on what YOU need, I can concentrate on whatever area is giving you trouble. If you’re on your feet all day, you might like me to take care of your feet ONLY. Perhaps your neck and shoulders? Lower back? Let me know the issue and I’ll help you with it. I can even include passive stretching as part of your treatment and give you some stretching recommendations for you to do at home.

Typical Massage Features

Swedish massage

or your choice

Full body

Or Customized as needed:

– Feet

– Shoulders

– Neck

– Lower Back

– Passive stretching

– Stretching Recommendations

Hot Stone Massage

This is like Swedish or Deep Tissue massage with one important difference. Hot Stones!
You’ve probably seen pictures of folks with hot stones sitting on their back. That is a waste of time and I don’t do that.
Once the stones are in the Goldilocks zone – not cold, not too hot – just right, I use the stones as massage tools to enhance the massage experience.
Heat expands the blood vessels beneath the skin which makes the skin briefly appear red. The redness is a sign of increased blood flow. This is very healing because your immune system travels in the bloodstream. Additionally, the muscles become much softer.
Folks experience an even deeper level of pain relief and relaxation from hot stone massage than from Deep Swedish massage.

Gratuity is not included in the above prices but is greatly appreciated